About Us

Paul Roy is a Mississauga based photographer
specializing in wedding, engagment, portrait,
dance, and theatrical photography. A graduate
of Sheridan College, Paul has been involved in
the computer graphics/visual arts community for
more then 25 years. Although he has had a
passion for photography all his life, it is only
recently that he has rekindled his interest in
re-establishing himself with the creative medium
that photography provides.

Through his daughters involvement with local
theatre productions, Paul can usually be found
behind the scenes in the wings of many of the
local theatres, shooting the raw emotions that
actors portray while on stage. "The theatre
environment is a wonderful environment to
bring out the most creative in people, the
lighting, costumes, and sets transform our
mundain world into an imaginary world. It's
an extremely creative outlet for someone like
me trying to capture that special emotional

His work in the theatre has provided him with
the opportunity to expand his creativity into
the world of wedding, engagement, portrait,
and dance photography. "I try to bring the
same level of attention to detail and creativity
that I do to the theatre world into the world
of wedding photography. The key is to
capture the emotion of the day..the subtle
moments when the bride and groom don't
even know that I am there."

Capturing an image is really only the first
step in the process. Paul's background in
art, graphics, color, lighting, composition,
all help in transforming what the camera
sees into what his clients want to see.
"I love vibrant, colorful, emotional photos
that capture special moment, and want
each of my photos to reflect a special
feeling to my clients."

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